Brian Roberts has turned his childhood fascination into a lifelong pursuit: to explore and create the very best magic experiences and share them with everyone.

An experienced magician with performances ranging from close-up magic to stage shows. Brian’s style is both sophisticated and funny, suitable for corporate gatherings, private parties or public events. Recently, Brian headlined at The House of Cards in Nashville Tennessee, shot a segment on Penn & Teller’s: Fool Us in Las Vegas Nevada and has appeared on numerous variety shows. In 2010 Brian received the Presidential Award from The Society of American Magicians and is a member of the famed 4F Convention – a private society of top magicians from around the globe.

Most recently, Brian and his family relocated to the United States, to the beautiful state of Georgia. He looks forward to bringing his uniquely funny and mysteriously entertaining magic to folks across the U.S.

Filming a segment for Penn & Teller: Fool Us – Las Vegas, Nevada
Performing at House of Cards – Nashville Tennessee – Photo: Rebecca Anne Risley
Performing on James Alan’s ‘Magic Tonight’
Photography by Kenji Gunderson

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